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    Life Without Interim Ead

    They no longer give interim ead as far as I know.
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    Yahoo !! Got Appproved at VSC

    My case was never transferred to TSC and it got approved from VSC.
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    Yahoo !! Got Appproved at VSC

    Hi All, I got the Production Card Ordered email from CRIS today with following message: "Current Status: Card production ordered. On August 29, 2007, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will...
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    Stuck in Namecheck

    Stuck since Feb 2006.
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    Finally Approooved - EB3 (India) -PD:12/2003

    Yes I opened SR in July last week but haven't got any reply and so lets see. Thanks.
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    Finally Approooved - EB3 (India) -PD:12/2003

    GC_04, I don't have much hope as my file is still in VSC and I don't see any approvals from VSC. VSC IO told me that my file is with IO since August 9th. I don't know what that means. Thanks, DK
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    Finally Approooved - EB3 (India) -PD:12/2003

    Congrats! Congrats GC_04. Was your application transferred to TSC or it was approved at VSC itself.
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    Any Approval from VSC

    I am wondering what about the cases still pending with VSC and CSC. Is there any approvals for the cases pending there. Now a day I see approvals from TSC and NSC only. Thanks, DK
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    File with IO at VSC

    Hi All, I called the IO today at VSC. She told me that my file is IO since August 9th but the her system shows that Name Check is pending. She told me that may be IO has some update about Name Check as he/she working on my file. She also told that Officers normally pick up the file again...
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    I-485 approved

    Congrats! Enjoy the Freedom...
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    Approved 8/15 - Eb3 India

    Enjoy the Freedom....
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    485 approved today.

    Congrats Yuren and abhi485.