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    Deportation Process

    Why would you even risk it!
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    Have CMT convictions (one/two), Can i apply for naturalization?

    The fact that it was a minors doesn’t look good at all. Has he been required to register as a sex offender?
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    GC to Citizenship - Charged with Solicitation of Prostitution

    Your question is not clear. Is the prostitution solicitation a SECOND CMT or that’s the only? If it’s the second then he’s in trouble. If it’s the only crime then he can extend. Tell him to stop soliciting prostitutes though, too man risks and negative consequences.
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    Interview in 3 days, please advise

    I don’t expect them to ask you that question about B1/B2. It’s a stupid question. Just answer the truth. In any case they have no record of what you verbally told the immigration officer at entry fifteen or whatever years ago. You applied for it because you were visiting the USA and that’s...
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    20 years ago I was put in jail overnight

    Get an official letter from them confirming there is no existing record of your arrests.
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    I130 and I485 Denied

    You can rest assured that what will happen is that when the new I130 is being adjudicated by USCIS, they will reach back in time and pull up your previous marriage. Although they have not declared the first marriage fraudulent yet there is no statute of limitations on them doing so. At that...
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    Protective order

    To remove conditions and get your ten year green card, you require her cooperation because she has to cosign the forms or you have to be divorced and file without her. So yes it is going to affect you. At this point it is either you reconcile and get her to drop the restraining order and then...
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    Signing or delaying signing is immaterial so go ahead and sign it. The only question for you is was the marriage bonafide at inception and do you have ample evidence to demonstrate that. If yes no worries for your citizenship application. If no, get an attorney because naturalization is the...
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    Drug charges can i apply for citizenship

    The best advice I will give you is wait until Trump is out of office and the new administration has changed immigration policy back to less aggresssive enforcement and overlooking minor immigration transgressions. As it stands right now, you are removable because of your past crimes. Your...
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    Oath Ceremony cancelled.

    Just call and talk to a level II Supervisor or make and INFOPASS and explain you didn’t cancel anything.
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    Removal Proceeding

    You can always try the asylum route however your chances are slim and none. Your excuse seems far fetched. Your avenue of relief (marriage) is not really viable because your spouse is not a citizen so you have to be in status to adjust through her, unless she’s going to become a citizen really...
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    Need to leave US for and chances to coming back

    Ignore the self righteous pompous trolls. Simple answer is no she cannot return because she will have a ten year ban. After the ban, her adult daughter ca file for her. I want to offer another perspective. If your sister was away from your mother for the past ten years while her mother was...
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    got intent to revoke status to old petition which was expired

    Get it addressed. Some of this kind of nonsense can come back to bite you even years away during naturalization.
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    Trip Out side US 5 years Ago and Evidence of Child Support

    When are you going to make a court compel her to put you on the birth certificate and recognize you’re the father? Better you do it sooner than later.
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    Impact of impounded passport on GC processing

    USA doesn’t care about any of that stuff. You can continue working and everything. The problem is that at some point you will have to travel, prepare for that.