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Good news EB3 relief passed in senate

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by raj_agrawal_04, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. raj_agrawal_04

    raj_agrawal_04 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to share a news for the EB3 retro. If this gets cleared then
    we may see the jump in the PD.


    3. EB-3 Relief: By unanimous consent, the Senate also passed a measure sponsored by Senators Schumer (D-NY), Hutchison (R-TX) and Kennedy (D-MA) that would recapture EB -3 numbers lost from FY 2001-2004 due to processing delays. 50% of these numbers would be allocated to Schedule A occupations.

    Both the H-2B relief bill and the EB-3 relief provisions will now be included in the Senate version of the supplemental appropriations bill. However, since neither of these measures was included in the House-passed supplemental, they will be discussed when House and Senate conferees meet to resolve differences between the two bills. In both cases, AILA will urge the House to recede to the Senate on both the H-2B bill and EB-3 relief.

    The REAL ID Act (if not passed by the Senate), H-2B relief, and EB-3 relief will be subject to conference negotiations. It is thus important to focus attention on Members of both the House and Senate.

  2. shishe

    shishe Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Raj sharing the information. Sure eb-3 will get relief if this bill passes.
  3. GC@NSC

    GC@NSC Registered Users (C)

    Schedule A Occupation

    Can you elaborate on Schedule A Occupations. Thanks
  4. max2k1

    max2k1 Registered Users (C)

    Schedule A occupations is as defined by the Dept. Of Labor.

    Schedule A
    (a) Group I:

    (1) Persons who will be employed as physical therapists
    (2) Aliens who will be employed as professional nurses

    (b) Group II:

    Aliens (except for aliens in the performing arts) of exceptional ability in the sciences or arts including college and university teachers of exceptional ability who have been practicing their science or art during the year prior to application and who intend to practice the same science or art in the United States.

    For purposes of this group, the term ``science or art'' means any field of knowledge and/or skill with respect to which colleges and universities commonly offer specialized courses leading to a degree in the knowledge and/or skill.

    An alien, however, need not have studied at a college or university in order to qualify for the Group II occupation.

    Sounds like most EB3 would be covered under Schedule A, Group II
  5. ddd999

    ddd999 Registered Users (C)

    when we will know the result of this??
  6. GC@NSC

    GC@NSC Registered Users (C)

    Do H1B EB3's benefit

    Just curious to know if H1B EB3's benefit out of this law.
  7. vijay0101

    vijay0101 Registered Users (C)

    hi all my LC (subs) used for I-140 from texas Service Center and it is pending since august 2003. We got an in
    i-140 receipt date is 8/2003
    RFE on i-140 is jan and replied on jan too no information yet..

    RFE was about Pay stub ...what are my chances to getting approved..any one any thoughs any suggession please let me know thanks in advance.
  8. go2roomshare

    go2roomshare Registered Users (C)

    When would be EB3 relief effective?? any Ideas??
  9. mastmastana

    mastmastana Registered Users (C)

    Any Update on this law ??

    Any Update on this law ??
  10. LaborCleared

    LaborCleared Registered Users (C)

  11. max2k1

    max2k1 Registered Users (C)

    Oh yeah -- cool :)

    You really got good eyes to spot that one :D :D
  12. baby_mde

    baby_mde Registered Users (C)

    I have seen bew ticker it does not says eb3 releif passed. Why are you guys so happy. It is really passed? if then I am really happy.
  13. armie

    armie Registered Users (C)

    Future Projections of EB3 Retrogressions

    from MurthyDotCom

    For the remainder of FY2005, the DOS expects the EB3 numbers not to move much in either one direction or the other. EB1 and EB2 are not expected to retrogress during FY2005, which ends September 30, 2005.

    In the second half of FY2006, the EB2 category is expected to retrogress for mainland China and India. The DOS projects that the EB1 category may possibly also retrogress for India and China in FY2006.
  14. mydearcard

    mydearcard Registered Users (C)

    Is it menioned anywhere about processing EB3 retrogressed cases in fy 2005?

  15. avi101

    avi101 Registered Users (C)

    From Shusterman site, seems like the bill is going to give 50000 additional visas for Occupation A. No mention of visa-recapture ( perhaps 50000 for nurses is from the recapture) for other categories.

    Are others screwed?
  16. raj_agrawal_04

    raj_agrawal_04 Registered Users (C)

    I look like EB3 (other than RN) are screwed. I have read the bill amendment
    when I started the thread and did not find the EB3 other than RN mentioned there. But reading through the web site have created the hope that 50% will be available to us.
    Now it look like it is not the case. Is there any attorney that can help us figure out what is the correct interpretation.


  17. GC_DJ

    GC_DJ Registered Users (C)

    Form Other Web site

    Bill Passed to Provide Limited Relief from Retrogression
    Posted May 04, 2005

    H.R. 1268, a bill that was primarily intended to provide supplemental appropriations for defense, the global war on terror, and tsunami relief, has been passed by both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. However, it contains some important immigration provisions. The House and Senate announced on May 3, 2005 that they have reached an agreement on the final wording of the Bill. This Bill is not yet enacted into law, but is expected to be signed by the President, which will finalize it into law.

    The Bill would amend the provision of AC21 that released certain unused visa numbers to all employment-based categories. In H.R. 1268, 50 percent of these employment-based visa numbers are allocated solely to Schedule A cases, which affects nurses and physical therapists. This would be quite helpful to nurses and physical therapists, occupations in high demand in the U.S. It would also be helpful to address the current retrogression problem in the EB-3 category. Of course, this is a short-term solution. Details of this Bill will be made available in our May 6, 2005 MurthyBulletin and on MurthyDotCom.

    Source: Murthy.com

  18. gceeker05

    gceeker05 Registered Users (C)

    somehow i still continue to believe that remaining 50% will be allocated to the other professionals. This issue is more suitable for attorneys and others having greater understanding on interpretations but my very initial feeling is that other professionals would get the remaining part of the cake...

  19. bharad1

    bharad1 Registered Users (C)

  20. gc_vsc

    gc_vsc Registered Users (C)

    I would interpret it that out of the 130K visa's available, maximum of 50K should be used for Nurses and PTs. The rest for others. What do you think they ae going to use the 80000?:cool:


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