Work Authorization for F1 Student Married to US Citizen


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Hi All,

My wife and I are working through her change of status/green card process and need some advice. We would like to submit the i-765 with her i-485, but we're finding it challenging to figure out which category she falls under. As a side note, we've already filed the i-130.

Naturally, we would assume that we would select spouse of a US citizen, but she's not a K-1 visa holder. Our second choice would be Pre-Completion OPT--(c)(3)(A) but that would only make sense if she was in a degree program. She's currently in a intensive English program and was a nurse in her home country.

Is there a category we're missing that would allow her to work or is there something else we can do? She's currently working as a student assistant on campus and really hates it because the work is far removed from her profession.

Thank you for the advice!