Wondering whether this will be fair game when transferring TN to new employer

Hello all, I've used this forum before and I just want to thank all of the helpful and knowledgeable people here, you had helped me get my first TN.

I am currently working for Company A under said TN, but have an offer from Company B to start June 1st which I have accepted. In the ideal situation, I'll go to the border on May 17th in order to obtain a TN to work for Company B while retaining the right to work for Company A until June 1st, at which time I'll hand over my TN for Company A. This allows me to wait until I am authorized to work for Company B before giving my two weeks notice to Company A, which reduces risk on my end and allows me to exit gracefully from my current company.

Would it be acceptable to do this, or will I have to immediately hand over my TN for Company A upon being authorized to work for Company B, forcing me to quit with no notice and potentially putting them in a very tough situation. I know that it is possible to hold authorization to work part time and full time for two separate companies, but I'm not sure how that might extend to a situation like this where I require very brief authorization to work full time for two companies.

Thank you!
Ask for new concurrent TN for B at the border, be ready to explain that you'd like to give 2 week notice to A as professional courtesy and wrap up work.

Also be ready to accept the case where B is approved and your I94 for A is canceled as it can be a messy exit at A, unfortunately that's how TN works there's always a risk factor. You can give notice to A now if you're seriously concerned about burning bridges but I'd hold off until after B is approved.

If your work at A allows remote, and your concern indeed happens, I think you can return to Canada or third country and work remotely for A for 2 weeks then enter US with already approved TN for B.


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Never give notice until you have secured the new TN. Btw, you are never obliged to give notice; it is a courtesy on your part, as jixca said.
There really isn't such a thing as full-time and part-time TNs. You can have multiple TNs, of course.
You should not face any issues getting a second TN and keeping the first. Just make it clear when speaking to the admitting officer.
nd there is noting to "turn in" when you stop working and move to another sponosr. The only time you hand in an I-94 that has ended is if you are leaving US and have no active status.