Whether her VISA will cancel after dvorce.

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    Dear Friend,

    I m really new at here, I m from India.

    -My sister married to US CITIZEN boy at 28 Jan 2007.
    -Before married my sister has 8Years old daughter.
    -Now marriage period is 1 Year and 8month going on.
    -She went to America before 3 months with her daughter.
    -now she having 2 years visa.
    -But the documents of 2 years Visa and passport is also with her husband.
    -My sister(30years old) and her daughter(8years old) is in America(California, San Fransisco) since 3 months through the marriage based visa.

    -Now her husband leave her alone with her daughter in america.
    -Now her husband need divorce.
    -There is no our people in America who can help her.
    -Currently she is staying at another place.and that place owner not able give more help of accomodation for more time.
    -In this situation what my sister has do so she and her daughter live in america comfortable and secure!.

    - We need that she stay over there untill she not get citizenship in america.which is helpful for her daughter.
    - I and my family are new and nothing know about america and law of america. Plese guide us...

    My question is :

    1.Whether her VISA will cancel after dvorce.
    2.She might not realy to take divorce.than America court will give divorce to him without sisters's query? what will happen with her and her

    3. What happen if her husband and my sister give divoce to eachother?
    4. What happen if my sister not give divorce?
    5. What happen of her daughter if she give divorce?
    6. How she find Job in America?
    7. Is any helpful association who can help her?
    8. Who can help her?
    9. How can she apply for U.S.Citizenship?

    please Help Us . God Bless you Lot Lot Lot.
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    She need to see a lawyer in US.
    She should find community immigration help center where she is staying.

    You should Contact immediately Ministry of overseas Indian affairs





    NEW DELHI-110021

    Telephone No.: 91-11-24197900

    Fax No.: 91-11-24197919

    Email: info@moia.nic.in

    Read the Link from Ministry of of overseas Indian affairs
    Go to Link and call them
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    Yes you should see the lawyer immediately or should contact Ministry Of overseas

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