What does 'ARC' mean on an entry stamp?

JoeF said:
Stamps from other countries, of course. There is nothing special about that.
But he won't get stamps from US officials when he enters the US. Just like I, a citizen of a country of the European Union, don't get any stamp when I travel from the US to any city in the European Union.

Not to argue with you, but if you visit the page, you'll see that those are US entry stamps and he is a USC. Since he obviously collects them, maybe he asks for his passport to be stamped.

Like you, I also have a European passport and they never stamp my passport unless I ask. So I understand your point.
I have seen the folks at custom putting a stamp on an American passport in January this year, the same as the ones on non-citizen's passport. The only difference is they left the "class until" blank instead of "ARC" or "LPR" etc.
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I am a Green Card holder. Upon entering the US below of some of the admitting stamp there are few numbers hand written in ink such as A# 056765393 ( numbers not accurate copied here for safety reasons since I don't know what they represent ) ...can anyone explain what are those? I am going to apply for my citizenship ...should I be concerned?
Thank you

I have GC. When I reenter they gave me ARC and 2 months. What does mean thnx.
ARC means you are an LPR (that bit is already answered above)
I never had a time period written in mine. How long were you out for?
Does it pose a problem if we stay out of the USA for 8 months or more while having permanent residency and returning after that duration?
If so, what can be done to remedy this?
Can somebody help by giving their valuable inputs
Thanks in advance