VSC I485 Fiscal Yr 2002 - Progress Reports


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HI sbctsublc

Do we have a spread sheet of only 485 eac's by notice date, That way we can scan only those and keep updating the status instead of scanning all the eac numbers. If available I would scan 02-131.



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Re: HI sbctsublc

Originally posted by sanu
Do we have a spread sheet of only 485 eac's by notice date, That way we can scan only those and keep updating the status instead of scanning all the eac numbers. If available I would scan 02-131.


We need to scan sequentially all EAC numbers first to pick 485 cases from them.
02-131 scan is in progress. I will post the results soon.


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Originally posted by LiveAndLetLive
Can you guys scan for 03 series for I 140? Or can you help me do it?
I'm attaching script for 140 scan. If you are interested, you can scan and post results in a new thread.


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Hey Guys

Hey Guru's.
Just out of curiosity ...how do you guys scan these EAC numbers... what kind of scripts do you use...??? just wondering ....>!! It seems very interesting.. !!



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Any idea when they move the date ? As per the scan of sbctcblc as of Jul12 34% of JAn (incl transfers )are done. And then some more in Feb. Do they wait for more than 50% of these to be done ?


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111 & 112; scanned on 07/18/2003

Since ny last scan 07/16:

112 - series gets only a few trasnfers;
111 - approx five approvals, and some transfers


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Weekly update Incl Partial Mar 02

Note:- From this week, I'm going to skip rescanning of previously approved and transferred cases, so card ordered or undelivered cases could not be tracked.

I would like to know whether transferred cases status get updated after they are approved in their local offices? Any Inputs???

Adding summary at the end

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Re: GReat work again

Originally posted by OnlyGC
sbctsublc and others..

excellent work..thanks folks..

looking at this data..here are my thoughts..

a) VSC is touching lot of cases in a week...443 cases touched
for only FEB/JAN ND..there can be other cases also.

b)JanND---49% of cases touched ( includes everything except FPRecived)--51% sill pending..

so this includes Dec RD and Jan RD too.

c) FebND---28% of cases touched...72% still pending..

this includes late JanRD and Feb RD

I would say great progress so far...even though we dont see so much on rupnet/or here...i feel this approach of scanning all cases really gives accurate data...hats off to you folks..

One small suggestion..if someway we can include a column which will say which RD ( along with ND info) that would make it more perfect...just a thought..just a request..

Any other thoughts on this data....

March ND , FebRD..02127
Hi OnlyGC
Sorry somehow I missed answering your question before. Since On the Website only the Notice date is available, we are not able to provide with the Received Date (RD) information. But approximately You can calculate the RD by subtracting 25-35 days from ND.

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I scanned EAC03079, first 1000 cases, of all the 60 485 cases, two cases:

EAC0307950881 Transferred 3/14/2003 Transferred BALTIMORE

are already transferred Baltimore.


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Great Guys !

The script is great !! Amazing ... !! thanks for contributing ///helps us a lot...

Keep the great work going !!

Good Luck


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Originally posted by LCSilence
Do you guys know how many I485 cases VSC receive every day?


If you see the full status PDF, third column (ScanCnt) gives approximate count of all cases received that day and the 4th column (485Cnt) gives exactly how many 485 cases were generated that day.

Hi All,
Thanks for your appreciation. Need more hands to scan for other dates.....
Thanks in Advance
If anyone interested, start scanning for April month (starting EAC02-147 or may be 148)



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111 & 112 series; scanned on 7/22/2003

112 - untouched...
111 - some transfers and RFEs
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