VSC I485 Fiscal Yr 2002 - Progress Reports


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Amazing !!!!


This stuff is really amazing and excellent !!!. I really appreciate all the effort u put up man. So much for every body !!. So whats the conclusion out of this statistics now ?. There were tons of approvals on the final pdf file ?. Are they all January ?? Would like to see what ur thoughts are on this....

Thanks again for this superb thing.


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GReat work again

sbctsublc and others..

excellent work..thanks folks..

looking at this data..here are my thoughts..

a) VSC is touching lot of cases in a week...443 cases touched
for only FEB/JAN ND..there can be other cases also.

b)JanND---49% of cases touched ( includes everything except FPRecived)--51% sill pending..

so this includes Dec RD and Jan RD too.

c) FebND---28% of cases touched...72% still pending..

this includes late JanRD and Feb RD

I would say great progress so far...even though we dont see so much on rupnet/or here...i feel this approach of scanning all cases really gives accurate data...hats off to you folks..

One small suggestion..if someway we can include a column which will say which RD ( along with ND info) that would make it more perfect...just a thought..just a request..

Any other thoughts on this data....

March ND , FebRD..02127


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112 series complete

I've completed scanning 112 series. Turned out only one real EAC number was missing from the previous spreadsheet.

sbctsublc, thanks a lot for the summaries!

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EAC02124 Series Update

Hi All

Details for EAC02-124 series as of 07/07/03

Approved 10 Last case approved on 06/04/03
FP sent 2 Last case FP sent on 04/25/03
Received 58 Last case received on 03/04/02
Resumed 356 Last case resumed on 04/28/03
RFE recvd 2 Last case RFE recvd on 06/27/03
Transferred 46 Last case transferred on 07/02/03
Total 474


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02-105 Series update

I have a complete list of 02-105- Series of EAC's and I would be posting the progress of this ND:02/07 periodically.
Hope this helps EAC-02-105 ians...!

Approved:18 [2 yesterday]
Transferred:29 [1 yesterday]
RFE:7 [4 of them today&yesterday]
Misc:1 [Insufficient Payment]
Resumed: Rest

I have a dedicated thread for EAC-02-105 updates too..!!
I see some movement in 105 cases, as yest/today there were approvals,transfers,RFE's etc..!!


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Last week Progress

Lots of RFEs and transfers. Quite a bunch of approvals too

Any suggestions on format of the report like sort order etc are welcome.
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111 & 112 series; scanned on 07/14/2003

Can't say there's a lot of changes. I guess they're processing all those RFEs they started to receive.
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