Visa Bulletin for July current in all areas what does it mean

Hi everyone

I am new here and I need your help

I am dv lottery winner (2019EU30XXXX ) and just saw today that Visa Bulletin is current for July. For June the visa Bulletin cut off number for Europe was 26,800. Can someone explain what does status current means and what happens to the numbers after 26,800. Is there a chance for me going to the interview this year ?

I filled DS-260 on June 7 2018 and since then I didnt receive anything beside the confirmation email from kcc that they receive my application


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It means all EU cases from 26,800 are now eligible to be scheduled for interview.

Have you sent your required documents to KCC following your DS260 form submission? If you haven’t, you’ll need to do so right away because KCC will not schedule your interview without processing those documents first even though your CN is now current.
Not yet because I did not receive any email that I need to submit my paperwork
Should I send the paperwork anyway ? Or wait for their email?

Thank you for your response
You need to send those documents right away and not wait for the email at this point.
Which documents Do you mean? I have completed the DS-260 and have not received any mail or any possibility to add documents. The state of the application is that my case is currently at KCC. Thanks for your feedback!