Video Recording for US Immigration related Community Conference Call, November 06

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Hello Mr. Khanna

I am an Asylum applicant. My interview was supposed to be held on 23rd oct, but on 21st oct I received a letter from asylum office stating that on my request the interview has been canceled. But I didnt send any request not even my attorney. The letter also states that my 150 days EAD has been stopped due to cancelation of interview. We went to asylum office san Francisco to inquire about our case and was told that they got some paperwork related to case a week before that's why they canceled the interview. I was told to wait for the next letter. I'm really worried about my case status. . Can you please tell when can I expect next interview date? Has it ever happened with anyone before?
Plz help me sir.
Bunch of thanks!
Hi Rajeev,

My company applied for my H1B extension and accidentally they mentioned me as part time employee, with no number of hours, and LCA said I am full-time. The extension was approved. So do now I need to have an H1B amendment so that they can correct it in their records that I am full-time? Do I need to file a new application as an amendment?

Please let me know.

Hello Rajiv,
My wife worked on H1B from may 2006 till march 2011. She went to India in march 2011 for visa stamping, and her h1b visa got rejected at hyderabad, India under mispresentation (reason being submitting incorrect client letter). She stayed in india for 20 months, later in feb 2013 she came to USA on h4 visa. Now is she eligible to file h1b petition under cap exempt as her previous h1 period was still remaining and she stayed out of country for more than a year.

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