Video Recording for US Immigration Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv Khanna Nov 20, 2014

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Hi Rajivji,

I am on H1b visa and my in-laws have visited visa. I am aware that they cannot stay more than 6 months in the US. They are here for Sep 16th – Nov 30th 2014(2 and half month). And they would like to comeback for Mar 15th – Aug 15th 2015 (5 months). Does it create any issue if they will be come back in the US in less than 6 month?

Thank you,
Hi Rajiv,

For the GC/PERM process does it matter if I will submit employment verification letters with job duties more in details as compare to what I have submitted to USCIS for my H1b? Or it has to be exactly the same and match to my resume that I have submitted for my H1B? Asking you because my lawyer ask me to get the employment verification letters from my previous employer in certain format which are little different then what I have. Is USCIS usually matching all the H1b documents with the PERM/I-140 documents?

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