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H1BneedGC said:

Here you go:

EB2 140 - 02/12/2005
NIW - 03/11/2004
EB3 140 - 12/30/2004
485 - 03/25/2004
EAD - 02/05/2005
AP - 02/05/2005
Looks like there are no changes from previous updates(03/18/2005)


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I Think VSC is processing much faster than what they publish on there website.

Hi Experts,
I have a confusion on what basis does USCIS approve our files,I mean based on Notice date of the 140 and 485 application or on the basis of PD of the LC.

Because in case of ISABELLA ,She has ND around 03/04/05
for I-140/I-485 and PD as 08/01/2001. both i140/485 are approved in her case.

But i checked the online VSC processing times and they are currently workin on August 12,2004 for I 485 AND march 19,2005 for I 140 as of June 21,2005.

Does that mean VSC is processing much faster than what they publish on there website. ???

VSC - EB2 NY PD 08/01/2001
I-140/I-485/AP/EAD - RD 03/01/05, ND 03/04/05
FP - ND 03/09/05, FP taken (Newark, NJ) 04/29/05
AP - AD 05/12/05
EAD - AD 05/13/05
I-140 - AD 06/13/05
I-485 - AD 06/13/2005
I-485 – Card Mailed 06/16/2005 (never got card ordered e-mail)
I-485 – Card received - (will update)


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Where is the link to unblock my password?


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Icarus1 said:
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