Update on USCIS website


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I thought it was every two weeks, so it should have been updated as of yesterday (April 5th), but it still shows March 22nd... :(


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Even i have been visitng site again and again but no change,looks like "delays are there nature" I-140,i-485 or processing date release,doesn't matter, evrything must be delayed there.

I expect to see EB3 and EB2 Processing dates for i140 in first 10 days of june 2003.

my attorny says that he got 10 approvals for the first week of june 2003 in EB3 category also couple of my firends got RFE or approval from the same date range.

I just hope that my assumption is right.


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Me and MANOJ are very optimistic but i agree with manoj am seeing a lot of activity in the first week of JUNE 2003,
so it could be out in that range..
manoj touch wood and fingers crossed....:(



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and look at the 2 approvals reported today on the forum, they are mid or later part of june 2003.

i just hope it is true......this is a mess.

wish every one get approved without any RFE..


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I Have Patience ,

what u talking abt?why u think july is on? did they update there site with new date? i checked it just now and still old dates are smiling on our face, do u have some info which could be helpfull for us?

thx a lot


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I Have Patience,

some thing going on, i was in CA service center thread and saw a post where a guy said that he saw that CA is processing "jauly 18th 2003" cases, i asked him to provide link, saw something same in TSC also

but uscis website is showing same old crap


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No, actually Turumkan who has a ND of July 18, 2003 got his 140 approved on Apr 6, 04, so they have touched July....


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Re: Update on USCIS website.

Originally posted by I Have Patience

At what intervals is USCIS web-site updated(or supposed to update) for 140 processing dates?

Here's the intervals for the last several updates:

02/06/04 (+15 days):
02/20/04 (+14 days):
03/04/04 (+14 days):
03/22/04 (+18 days):

So, the last update took about 18 days and we're now up to about 17 days since that one. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't suddenly take 3 months for the next update -- I don't know how reliable this has been in the past.



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USCIS has updated their dates .

140 EB2 June 20 , 2003
140 EB3 May15, 2003

485 also seem to have made some progress .

140 EB2 04/01/03


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Now that EB2 date has officially passed leaving me behind (EB2 - RD - April 30 ND - May 8 2003) - how long should I wait before initiating a status enquiry?