Trump attacks Diversity Visa program

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by rafi-cairo, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Well, as you probably know many people take a step back when they arrive here with their eyes on a long term prize, but your brother certainly isn’t the only person to decide they’d rather be a bigger fish in a smaller pond back home. I know a few like that too. To each their own.
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    First of all I'm surprised that White House will give false information on DV lottery (regarding selection process and education level of selectee) I think WH must have At least researched what DV lottery is and how it works. Another thing I read statements of democrats and according to them this bill is dead on arrival. They don't want to flirt with legal immigration. But still it's politics and we never know what would happen next. Let's just pray that they narrow it to WALL and DACA.
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    You haven’t spent much time watching Trump or official WH spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders speak, have you?
    Sad as it is, I don’t think that level of misinformation - clearly couched in a way to suit their political agenda - surprises many people who see this kind of stuff coming out the WH every day.
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    Why bother researching and telling the right information when you can spout nonsense to feed your voter base? /s

    Way too many false statements (straight out lies) had been made by this administration, and if you have been watching the supreme leader since before he got elected, you would not be surprised ("birther" movement anyone?)
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    I think Trump at this moment has no idea how the DV lottery works. The reality is that people with higher education that applied to the DV lottery will have to consider non DV routes, specially those on the technology and medical areas that have higher demand and possibilities to be considered for a work visa.
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    I know Trump is stupid but I'm sure he must have well educated people in his administration. I mean you're white house and the president of USA, At least gather proper information before taking any decision.
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    The only answer to that is politics :)
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    In theory, yes. Previous presidents, yes. But this is the president whose special adviser coined the term “alternative facts”, remember. Truth is not in high value at 1600 Pennsylvania currently.
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    Not trying to be mean or anything be she has the most punchable face of all times OMG LOL
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    now that’s more like the mentality of certain trump supporters, please don’t stoop to their level
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    I just hope the effective date doesn't get messed with. So far, on any relevant bill that exists save for ONE, the effective date doesn't affect DV-2018. Those two bills that I'm thinking of are the RAISE Act and HR 4760. My understanding is that the Republican individuals involved with these bills are "close" to the President as Immigration is negotiated, and the effective date they're working with makes the most sense if they're killing the program anyway.

    There was ONE bill that came out, I forget who and I can't find it anymore, but it was shortly after that "DV Terrorist" attack and the effective date was immediate and retroactive. That was pretty scary. But I don't think any of the more serious proposals are that rash.


    I just had another look, and at this point the most concerning bill for DV-2018 (if it went anywhere) would be Issa's "DACA Compromise Bill" that he introduced last week - it sneaks in a "re-allocation" of certain visas, including DV visas, to DACA individuals beginning as soon as they're needed. That could theoretically be as soon as this year, as nothing in the bill would prevent it from being so.

    Obviously it isn't done until it's done. But the long and short of it is that even DV-2018 isn't SAFE as long as the program is in the crosshairs. Effective date is the obvious factor, but it may not be the only factor.
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    She is just following orders.
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    DV 2018 selectees are most scared and negative minded. (I apologize if it hurts sentiments but this is truth, please be positive and start preparing for interview)
  16. MJS_DV2018_EU

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    It's reasonable to be a bit nervous. I am certainly not "scared" and not "negative minded" but it's natural that as the only DV cohort of actual lottery winners that are somewhat in the political crosshairs, people are going to be a bit stressed until Trump moves on from Immigration and re-focuses his attention on shrinking another National Park or letting more poached animal parts enter the country.
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    To me the table in the post I linked to shows that they already plan on canceling DV2019 despite the completed registration of millions of people for an upcoming selection. I still hope the visa lottery will survive. It's painful to realize that the current administration does not even want to understand its importance and that all selectees have on average a better education than the general immigrant population.
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    Two things jump out at me from the table

    The first is how significant parents of citizens are. In general, it is this sector of the immigrant population that is least educated and, given the age skew upwards, the segment where the productive-work+paying-taxes vs retired-dissaving-use of public funds balance is likely to be most skewed negatively.

    The second is the total lie the WH have told about wanting to shift towards skills based immigration, where there is practically no long term change at all in employment-based immigrants. Sure it increases as a percentage of immigrants because you drop others, but that doesn’t help the skills base of the general population as a whole.

    Plenty of other problems with it, like the flat assumption of spouses and children over 50 years - are they expecting zero population growth?! Makes no sense at all to anyone who actually thinks for 2 seconds about demographics...
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    I could not agree more. This is why I keep saying the current adminstration is 'good' at canceling, terminating, ending, reducing, shuffling things, but mostly unable or unwilling to replace them with better measures that actually require a lot of work and intelligence to plan and implement that would ultimately lead to things they claimed would "make America great again".

    "I want merit-based" - that's what he keeps saying. Where the f*kc is the merit increase if this was supposed to mean skill-based?

    Where do investor visas fit in here? "Others"? Those visa numbers also stay at the same level....for the next 50 years?

    Where is the points system he admired in looking at Canada and Australia?

    Where are the green cards based on skills ("merit"), rather then employment-sponsorship based temporary work visas?

    This whole thing is a joke, just like healthcare reform and who knows what else. I understand tax reform will result in a lot of good economic outcome, which is not rocket science.
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    I’d totally dispute that this particular tax reform will result in a lot of good economic outcome. It results in a lot of tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, who after a nominal $1000 per employee bonus many are doing (whoo, that’s like $65-70 a month after tax over a year, gimme a break) will give the saved billions back to (mostly already wealthy) shareholders in increased dividends. So income inequality widens. In the meanwhile it will add significantly to the national debt, you know, that thing Trump blamed Obama for increasing and said he wanted to cut. And all this at the expense of cutting the already thin safety net for the poor and marginalized... including those who will need to spend more on health because the steady Trump dismantling of environmental protections pollutes their communities.

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