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  1. creature

    creature Registered Users (C)

    Hi folks,

    I have successfully moved to southwest Florida about a month ago and I'm waiting to receive the plastic Green Card in mail. I was wondering if the USCIS ELIS system where as folks remember had to pay your Immigrant Fee after you've received your visa but before you moved the US, can be used to track progress on delivery of your plastic card. My status as well as all of my family members is currently "In Process". Those of you who have already received your cards in mail, can you check the ELIS system and share what is your status? If your status is different from mine, perhaps the ELIS system can be used to track whether USCIS has mailed the GC to you or not yet.

  2. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    Hi creature,

    How long have you been in "In process" status? I am in the same boat.
    I think you will see an update on your account when the processing step is complete saying that your card has been mailed to you. You can also track the status of your case here
    All you have to do is enter your receipt ID starting by 3 letters. It will tell you when your case move from step to step.

    Good luck!!!
  3. creature

    creature Registered Users (C)

    Hi Matap

    Thanks for your reply and I'm sorry for not coming back to you sooner. I've been busy finishing the moving to our new home.

    My case is in the In Process status for a month now. Strangely enough my wife has received her GC in the mail last week and 3 weeks since we were processed at POE. Her status on ELIS is Completed. I'm still waiting for my son's and my GC to be processed. Thanks for the tip with the tracking site. I've tracked my wife's GC since ELIS has shown Completed in her case and I could see how the letter with her card went through the USPS delivery route.
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  4. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    I think you should call USCIS to inquire about both of your case and your son's if you have not heard from them for 30 days. My family case and mine were In process status for sometime. The cards for all of us were produced on August 8 and arrived in the mail in August 12, exactly 4 weeks after we processed at the POE.

    It is such a big relief. It seems like this GC thing was lasting forever. It all started in October 2011 and now the GC process is over for me and my family. We are looking forward to moving to the next step.

    I hope you get your son's card and yours soon.
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  5. suryanepal

    suryanepal Registered Users (C)

    Hey guys,
    Even i am on the same boat. It has been almost 2 months that i am in US with my family, but none of us have received the green card. When i check the status online it usually says :
    "Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283."

    I even called the immigration office to enquire about our case, but they are also unknown about the case. I provided them the case numbers, they also said that the case number is not recognised.

    Last time i called the uscis office and talked to the immigration officer, he told me to wait for 3 more weeks.

    Anyone of you guys have had same sort of cases, please share it. I am curious to know .
  6. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    Based on my experience with Uscis Elis system I will try to describe how it works.

    Suryanepal, when you go to your account on Uscis Elis, look below where it says CASE SUMMARY. What does the Case Received Date has? If the date is similar to the date you paid your Immigration fees (165$), it means that your file has not been transfered from your POE to the USCIS office. At this stage, even if you call USCIS, the agents will not be able to tell you anything about your case because they don't have access to your file until it is transfered to them.

    In my case, my file was transfered a week after I crossed the POE but the Case received date was only changed a week later. When your case/file is received (mine was received as e-file), your status moves from ACCEPTED to OPTIMIZED at the Case lifecycle level. Then your card is produced. After production of your card, the case status will read CLOSED, meaning you no longer have a pending case with USCIS. If you check your status with your receipt ID, you will see a message with a tracking number to track delivery of your GC with USPS.
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  7. suryanepal

    suryanepal Registered Users (C)

    When i log in to the uscis site, and check the case summay, it says that " your application/ petition have been accepted and is pending review".

    The case resceived date is the same date of may when i submitted the payment.

  8. Matap

    Matap Registered Users (C)

    suryanepal, that is correct. Your application/petition has been accepted because you paid the immigration fees (165$) but it is pending review because USCIS is still waiting for your file (the visa packet you submitted at the POE) to arrive. That is when your case received date will change to the date USCIS receive it.

    When USCIS receives your file the Status details (not your Case summary) will read "In process". After that the Status details will change to Card produced.

    The whole process is about PATIENCE. You have to wait for your file to progress to the next level. You said you have been waiting for almost 2 months; that is a lot. Do not hesitate to contact USCIS several time. You may land to a good customer service agent who will be helpful.
  9. josephodibo

    josephodibo Registered Users (C)

    I'm having the same problem now! I have being in here for 30 days and yet there is no change in my case,(Your application/petition has been accepted and is pending review. ) I really need to go back to india and write my final exam at my POE the officer told me i can leave if i want to and come back the stamp on my passport expires i have not till feb 11th 2015 can i stay out of the US for 3 months and then come back without having any problem at my POE
  10. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Your visa when endorsed is a temporary green card for a year, so yes you can. Your physical green card will probably take about two months after POE to arrive. This is the current average processing time judging by a fairly active thread on another forum.
  11. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Yes, you can leave the US without receiving the plastic GC. Your endorsed visa/stamp on your passport serves the same purpose as the plastic GC for one year. You will not have any problem using that to get back into the country at the end of your exam.

  12. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    :rolleyes: As I was typing my response I just knew someone else was going to beat me to it.
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  13. josephodibo

    josephodibo Registered Users (C)

    You guys have really helped me a lot Thanks SusieQQ
  14. josephodibo

    josephodibo Registered Users (C)

    thanks Sm1smom
  15. mbmatt

    mbmatt New Member

    Immigration fee

    Hi guys

    I am new on this forum I hope someone can be helpful with me.

    I did my POE last thursday on march 20th a week ago,just yesterday I paid the immigrant fee as I forgot to pay before my departure but they USCIS say that you can pay even after your POE.

    I made my account USCIS ELIS and now my status details says (your application/petition have been accepted and is pending review".)

    My case received date show the date of 03/27/2014 same like status date 03/27/2014. When I paid the fee and my case is received as (E-file).
    Show Case lifecycle Accepted but not Optimized.

    My questions is how long does it will take to see my status detail change and receive my Green Card?
  16. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    1-2 months, occasionally longer.
  17. mbmatt

    mbmatt New Member

    Just one thing that i am not sure my case summary says that my case is received as E-file this means that the USCIS receive my file from the POE?

    Soon should appear in process in the status detail?

    Thank you
  18. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    What does the bubble say, accepted or optimized? I don't know when things reach USCIS from POE (despite what is said earlier in this post) but when the bubble moves to optimized, then your card has been sent for production. At this point you can also check the case status using IOE receipt number on USCIS case status check (.link near bottom of your ELIS page). From then it usually takes a few days, but something occasionally goes wrong and it takes longer.
  19. mbmatt

    mbmatt New Member

    Say Accepted,anyway thank you for he response,by the way today I got my SSN.
  20. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Ok great. When it goes to optimized, check your case status, it should say within a day or so that the card has been sent for production, and within a week it should say it has been mailed, if either of these timelines don't work, contact USCIS because then something has gone wrong ( and this seems to be happening a bit more frequently recently). They take a few days to answer, Texas service center (who produce all green cards) normally take about 2 weeks to answer emails, just FYI. But hopefully it all goes smoothly for you :)

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