Tracker for ONLY EB3 CONCURRENT filing in CSC after APRIL 1 2004


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Starting this Thread to Track ONLY EB3 cases flied in California Service Center
After 1st April 2004 ( When CSC started PILOT) project)

Lately CSC is throwing surprises in processing cases filed in Concurrent process. Though most of the cases picked in Pilot Project are EB2 cases,
I heard they are picking EB3 cases too in PILOT project.

I hope this thread can help tracking cases for those who did concurrent
filing in CSC.



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My details

Here are my details:
I 140 RD 4/09/04
I 485/765/131 RD 4/19/04
I 765 and 131 AD 5/26/04
FP 6/1/04 status received 6/4/04

No further progress after this...


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Here is my case info.

Pure Concurrent Filing

I-140, I-485, EAD, AP RD : 07/02/2004

Finger Pring ND : 07/22/2004

FP Appointment : 08/05/2004 - Rescheduled

EAD Approved : 08/05/2004

AP approved : 08/03/2004

2nd FP notice date : 08/13/2004 - ( I am in process of finding out if this 2nd FP notice is for rescheduled FP appointment)

2nd FP Appointment : 10/01/2004

I-140 - pending

I-485 - Pending

Vasu Reddy

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FP didn't receive

EB3 , labor substitute

I 140 & I 485 RD - June 16

EAD,AP approved - July 14

No FP yet .. Did anybody on the same boat? : :confused:


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Hi VasuReddy

Do you have Application (WAC) numbers?
Keep checking the status online and make sure it is not missing in mail.



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My case details are as follows.

1-140 Dec-22-03
I-485 May-17-04
EAD/AP July-01-04
FP Aug-24-04.

The think fp date actually is related to where you live . I live in ct and hartford was pretty busy . So it took two months for fp. My friend applied on the exact same day and with the same lawyer and got the fp in less than one month. He is in new york. Just a guess.


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case details

EB3 concurrent:
I140/I485/EAD/AP : 06/07/2004
EAD card received : 7/24/2004
AP received : 7/18/2004
FP done: 07/30/2004
I485 LUD: 8/13/2004 message - "On August 12, 2004, the results of your fingerprint review for your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status were received, and processing has resumed on your case. We will mail you a notice if further action is needed, or when a decision is made."


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My Case Details

My Details
:) EB3 / Labor Substitute
I 140,I 485/765/131 RD 8/05/04
FP Notice Date - 8/25/04 . Waiting for the mail for additional details.


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Any clues if EB3 too is picked in Pilot Project or any kinda speedy process in CSC? You guys know any EB3 concurrent cases approved lately in CSC?


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EB3 concurrent (in one package)
Original labor. (took 2.5 years)
I140/I485/EAD/AP : 08/06/2004

EAD,FP : not yet recieved.

Will post as soon as I get them.



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My EB3 140/485 concurrent filing update

140 Rd 7/19/04
485-ap-ead Rd 7/28/04
Fp Nd 8/23/04 -- Appointment Date 9/7/04
Ap Aproval Date 8/27/04 (have Not Received Yet)
Ead - Pending......
140/485 - Pending...


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AP Approved today

EB3 / Labor Substitute

I 140,I 485/765/131 RD 8/05/04
Mine Only - FP Date - 9/9/04 .
:) AP (Both ) - Approved 9/2/04

No news about My wife's Finger Prints


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Was your wife's I485 sent out at the same time as yours?

My wife's I485 was sent out at the end of July, almost 2 months later than mine, also no FP notice for her.......


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How to add spouse to AOS process

Hi Ycning,
What is the process to add spouse name to I-485 process?
My RD for i-140/485/Ap/EAD is July 2nd.
I want to incldue my spouse in AOS process. Do I have to apply for
I-485, AP and EAD seperately? ( I believe i-140 is not required)
Can you please share the info?
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ycning said:

Was your wife's I485 sent out at the same time as yours?

My wife's I485 was sent out at the end of July, almost 2 months later than mine, also no FP notice for her.......
Yes ! It's filed on same day.


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Mine in semi-concurrent...? EB3
I140 - RD - Oct/03
FP - RD - APR/04

With the current processing can somebody guess the ate that I can get my I140

Thanks in advance..


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Not recieved any notice yet

I also recently filed concurrently .
RD 07/30/04
I have not yet recieved any FP notice or any other approvals. I changed my address recently and got a notice today saying my address has been updated. I hope that my FP notice was not lost at the old address. How do I find out if that is the case.