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Good news EB3 substitute cases.

Hi All,

I know one substitute case was approved in Jan 2005. The 140/485 RD is Dec. 2003 and LC PD is before Jan 2002.

It gives a great relief that USCIS is considering labor PD for the retrogression purposes.



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New join in

Hi Guys,

I have just advanced from tracking the labor forum to tracking this forum since my labor got approved last week.. Original priority date is May 2002..

I have a couple of questions regarding the terms used in some messages.. What is LUD?? And what is ND??



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PDmay2002 said:
Hi Guys,

I have just advanced from tracking the labor forum to tracking this forum since my labor got approved last week.. Original priority date is May 2002..

I have a couple of questions regarding the terms used in some messages.. What is LUD?? And what is ND??

LUD: Last Update Date. Once you have receipts of your 140, 485, EAD, AP applications, you can register in uscis website as a customer and add in your receipt numbers. You can see LUD there. You can also set the option to get automated emails when some changes happen on your cases.

Follow this link to register:

ND: Notice Date. This is the date when a notice was issued by USCIS after receiving your applications. This ND will be equal to OR couple of days after your RD (Receipt Date).

Hope this answers your qns.

Welcome to the forum.


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new to I140/485

I have seen some threads with message like purely concurrent/semi concurrent. Can someone explain what the different terms mean?


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Eb2 Or Eb3 Help Needed

Dear All

My employer offered job in ad as below:
"Bachelor in comp.sci or engineer or administration or math or equivalent with 5 years of experience in the related area"

My attorney categories this in EB2 but my employer did the same type of ad for my other indian colleques and processed through EB3 and they got approved.

Can anyone tell me in which category my case should be. Attorney has also some question about my qualification. My qualification is Bachelor in administration 3 years plus 1 year out of 2 years MBA, Which has been evaluvated as 4 years of equivalent US Bachelor degree. I got more than 5 years experience. So I think attorney feels now a days my type of education qualification is an issue, as it is categorised in EB2. So I prefer to go with EB 3. So anyone can please let me know whether the above job offer will be ok for EB3 and can it be filed in EB3. Thanks in advance :confused:


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I140 & I485 approved on 11 apr 2005

EB3 – own labor – Priority date – 01/23/2002

I140/485/131/765 – Receipt date – 09/13/2004
I140/485/131/765 – Notice date – 09/16/2004
Finger printing – completed on – 10/15 (San José, CA)
I485 – update on – 10/20 (received the FP)
EAD – approved on – 12/01/2004
AP – approved on – 12/03/2004
I 140 – Last updated date – 09/17/2004
I 485 – Last updated date – 12/29/2004 (no new msg – guess mass update)


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My - 140 and 485 got approved after a long long time.

Just wanted to share the good news with you all. My I-140 got approved after more than 1150 on last thursday. It was a substitution case and INS was not approving with the reason that tey are waiting for the original labor from US consulate in Chennai. 2 months back contacted one of the US senator from California and probably that made the difference.
The I-140 approval notice was sent to my attorney. The online still shows the old massage. Next day I got the I-485 approval for both me and my wife in the mail. I thank all of you for all the help and information. If yours is yet to be approved, please hang on and I wish you all the best.
Thank you.


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Congrats- tiredofins

Congrats tiredofins. Its been a long wait for you.

I am in a similar boat , my I-140 (based on sub labor) has been pending since April 2002, same reason , waiting for the original labor certification file from somewhere..... 485 filed in Sept 2002. Had an 140 RFE on ability to pay in May 2004. EAD/AP recieved in Aug 2004. Have approached a senator a month back.

I have been following your dates, Did you do a second FP or something??? If so can you let me know when. If not can you post your first FP date. I wanted to know if a 2nd FP notice is an indication of progress? We did our first FP in Nov 2002. My wife recently got a 2nd FP notice but I have not recieved it. If you can post your FP dates I will try to get some hope based on the pattern.



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Yes there was a 2nd FP in March

The first FP was sometime in Feb 2003 and the 2nd FP was sometime in the first half of March 2005. I think your 485 will also be approved soon.
I got my plastic card yesterday. Preety fast.


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Finally!!! I-140 approved after 2 years!

Got a message from the attorney that my I-140 has been approved. It had been a loooong wait...nearly 2 years. My case is a LC sub. filed with the copy of the labor. Attorney kept inquiring with CSC for more than 8 months now but always got a response back saying that they were still waiting for the "original file". An RFE was finally issued in April but lawyer will not reveal the RFE details. After the RFE response the approval was within a week's time. Also, got the EAD & AP approvals immediately after the I140 approval. EAD & AP were put on hold because of the I-140 issue.

Below are my details.

I-140 RD: 06/23/03
RFE Issued: 04/08/05
RFE Responded: 05/16/05
RFE Response recvd.: 05/20/05
AD: 05/25/2005

Thanks to this forum for all the help. Moving on to the I-485 thread...


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Got a Fingerprinting Notice

Hi All,

My priority date is 18th Sep 01 with CSC. I had filled by I-485 on 30th Dec 04 semiconcurrently with my I-140 (filed in Sep 03). After this I got my fingerprinting notice for Feb 28' 05. About 3rd of March the status was updated saying they have received the result of my fingerprinting and they are reviewing my case. Meanwhile on 14th March they cleared my I-140. Nothing after that till today.

Today I got a call from my attorney saying they have sent a fingerprinting notice again for this Friday. Just wanted to ask you Guru's what does this mean for my I-485 if it means anything at all?

Mahesh :confused:


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BS + 0, am I qualified for EB3 - skilled worker in 140?

Hi all,

My LC is filed as BS + 0 although I have MS. I heard that for EB3 - Skilled worker, it has to be at least 2 years experience required. My BS + 0 can only go to EB3 - Other Workder category. Is that ture?

Thank you!


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If your LC is in EB2 category and you were born in a country other than India, China, Philippines or Maxico, then you can.

irvine_20012001 said:
I just got my labor approved, PD 02,2004.
can I file 1-485 i need to get advance parole for travel purpose.
can i file that?

appreciate any answer


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EB-3. I have just received a letter from DOL saying that my application has been certified and 12/21/05.
I need to file 1-140.



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My case:

LC Sub PD-2001 Nov

I140 - AD-Dec 2005 - Pending

DO U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT WILLTAKE FOR I140 to clear for Substitution labour.

Pl reply


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Question about 45 day letter in labor

:confused: Since all of you in this thread where at LC thread at one time. can any of you answer, how long it approximately took since you received your 45 day letter for you labor to get approved ?

:confused: :( :mad:


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labor got approved

Hi guys
My Ca RIR just got approved and now I am in I140 line. Can you tell me how much time it is taking now a days for I 140 to clear.My PD is aug 2002.
I cannot file 485 concurrent anyways.Please give me the site address