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TN Visa under Management Consultant

Discussion in 'TN Status' started by solotravler_17, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. solotravler_17

    solotravler_17 New Member

    Hi there,

    I have received a job offer and am applying as Management consultant for TN visa, I was wondering if I can be an employee of the company to receive health care benefits, or am I a consultant, so cannot be an employee?

  2. curiousGeorge8

    curiousGeorge8 New Member

    Isn't a consultant also an employee?
  3. nelsona

    nelsona Registered Users (C)

    You can be an employee, but the pisition must be short-term
    And, no a consultant, as opposed to a management consultant, is NOT an employee, by definition
  4. solotravler_17

    solotravler_17 New Member

    Has anyone recently got a TN Visa?

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