TN Visa: Canada to US household items moving


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I am planning to obtain my TN Visa @Pearson airport but I cannot drive any U-Haul across the border. My family members are all under 17 and cannot drive. Any suggestions on how to move personal household items (furniture, books, etc) from Canada to the US? Professional moving companies? What paperwork do they require, because I will fly to the US by plane? Thank you for any suggestions.


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I would suggest coming back at some point and getting them. How far are you working from the border? You could just drive down once with U-Haul and get TN at same time. Did your new employer not offer relocation services? You are a professional after all.



I used Ameri-cana moving service & moved @ 4800 lbs for 3700 USD.

Got my stuff within a week and without any issues.

Contact Judy Marshall 519-805-2838

My move was from Edmonton,AB to Chicago,IL @ 2000 kms.