Timeframe to move belongings to USA after immigrant Visa approval


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My mother just got her immigrant VISA approved through consular processing (category=IR5). It expires in October 2019. I realize that she must travel to the United States before the expiration, but wasn't sure if there is a timeframe that she must move her belongings by. Those will likely arrive much later (likely by sea); and we weren't sure about any rules around how long she has to get these over here and not be charged any Duty, etc.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thank you


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Not a problem, many people do similar. We did our permanent move a fair while after activation, also moved ours by sea plus they hit shipping delays at transit ports in Asia and backlogs from port strikes in Oakland so only ended up arriving (clearing customs) something like 15 months after we got our green cards!! No duty etc problems . The main caveat we were told is don’t put any alcohol in the container as they tend to open and inspect then.