Thinking about going to Canada. Please help.

ajay d

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I was F1 and my wife was a F2 until yesterday, when my H1B and her H4 were approved :)

Much obliged if someone could help me out with the following questions:
- Do I need a Canadian visitor visa in order to go there?
- Can I go alone(to Canada) and let my wife be in the USA? If so, wont her H4 be invalid as soon as I leave the USA ? Id like to do this because if I encounter any problems while in Canada, my wife will be around to take care of the apartment, etc.
- Would it be a good idea to hire a lawyer to help me prepare for this trip?


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-- Yes you need a canada visitor visa. Search in internet for NY canada consulate address

- Your leaving US will not cancel your wife\'s H4. But If your H1 is denied you have to go to your home country. If your H1 is rejected then your wife\'s H4 is no longer valid. Your wife\'s H4 depends on your H1 status. Unless there are other issues/reasons which only her stay can handle, I don\'t see any advantage by leaving her in US.

-Hiring a lawyer: Depends on your personal confidence and affordability.

For a F to H visa, the stamping should not be a major hurdle. Check out or us consulate sites to get a comprehensive list of documents reqd. before going to canada.
h4 to h1 b

hi all,
my h4 and i 94 expired on feb 21st,2002.
i applied for h4 extension on march 11th(ins receipt date)

i got a job offer and the deadline is june 21st..

1.should my h4 be approved to get a h1b or ins receipt(h4) is enough to get h1 through premium processing..

thanks in advance