Surrender certificate at a consulate other than the one that has jurisdiction over your residence


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My mom lives in the Bay Area, so does she have to apply for her SC in SF? Can she send it to the NY consulate, as she will be here in NY in a couple of weeks and would like her passport to go to Canada but would also like to get the SC process over with so she can apply for OCI.

Alternately, can she apply in SF but use my NY address for the return envelope? Will they object to that?

Finally, I know some people have applied for the SC together with OCI. Is this safe, or were they just exceptions? Will my mom's application be rejected?



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Consular services are offered based on jurisdiction - your mom will have to apply in SF. Applicant needs to provide proof of residence (utility bill, driver license, etc.) for any consular service including SC and OCI.