SSN for Kids based on 485 receipt


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did you file 485 for all non-US born family members? If do so, nothing to worry about their status, if not then find a new employer who can file H1b for you right away.

Time to find a new job at the earliest in the similar field.


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What should I do?
Any risk that my son goes out of status since H1 will be revoke in a week ?
Your son would lose his H4 status once you lose your H1, but if an I-485 is pending for him, he would not be out of status. He doesn't need an EAD to maintain status when he's not working. You need to find an AC21-compliant job ASAP, using your EAD if necessary, so your I-485 doesn't get denied.
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ALL people on the tax return need to have SSN to qualify for sitmulus payment. I had similar case. I had a SSN but my wife had ITIN. We did not receive any stimulus payment for the same reason. IRS clearly states that if it is a joint return, both (or all in case of kids) need to have valid SSN