Sending wife her Green Card to her home country (South Korea).


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I've received my wife's Green Card via mail, but she's currently out of the country for personal reasons. She'll return in a few weeks. Her passport contains her temporary I-555. I want to ensure she faces no issues re-entering the US, despite her only having a temporary I-555 with a stamp next to it. She received this stamp at the end of January 2024 and left the country around the beginning of March 2024.

To send her physical Green Card, I'm considering carriers like USPS, UPS, or FedEx to send her Green Card to her home country. I'd appreciate any advice or experiences others may have in this regard. I'm concerned about the risk of the Green Card getting lost during shipment, which would entail a hefty $600 replacement fee. While I've heard about insurance options, I'm unsure if they cover lost Green Cards. Any insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Even though I've read that she can re-enter the US with her passport containing the temporary I-555 and the accompanying stamp (issued when she first entered the US), I'm worried she might face difficulties. The temporary I-555 doesn't provide comprehensive information on her re-entry eligibility.

Do anyone have any advice?
If she has the proof of permanent residence in her passport there is no need to send her the card unless she will be transiting countries that waive visa requirements ONLY for the physical card. CBP will absolutely let her in with just the stamp, and airlines know about it too so she will not require an ESTA.

You're right that mailing the GC carries the risk of loss and a huge potential hassle. However I received mine via FedEx when I was abroad. Your choice whether you want to do it or not.

BTW it is I-551, not I-555.