Renewal Green Card not received


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Hi all

I'm really bad at all things immigration so bear with me.

Basically, received I-797 on 5th Dec 2016, having waited over a year for a decision on my renewal case (filed Sep 2015) stating that my renewal was approved. The letter states that I should have my green card within 60 days, and if not then to call and alert immigration. I never received it. Are there supposed to be tracking numbers for the green card that are in the mail?

Problem: No receipt number on the letter. The reps always ask for one. I was just asked for the receipt number on my biometrics appointment letter, but I cannot find that specific letter. I have the receipt number on the renewal letter itself but the reps claim that this number won't work again.

I plan on moving back to the UK (with my husband and our cats) next year, but at this rate it will be sooner as I cannot imagine dealing with USCIS ever again after the headache we've endured from them so far.

Why is the letter telling you to call and alert them of a missing card when there is no receipt number to give the reps when you call? Also, why are the reps so rude and unhelpful? It's like they are trained to prevent you from resolving these matters.