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Hi Rajiv ji,
Namaste. Thanks in advance. I am on 8th year of H1-B Visa and I-140 approved. My PD is Aug. 2010 and planning to apply for I-485/EAD/AP. A few weeks ago, I got an RFE on my H-1B visa extension. Please see below questions.

1) After filing I-485 with USCIS, does outcome of H1-B extension (approval or denial) have any bearing on I-485/EAD/AP approval considering the fact that my H1-b extension case is with out any fraud or misrepresentation?

2) When filing I-485, I came to know that I need to submit copies of all h1-b approval notices to USCIS. In my case, since I received RFE on H1-b visa extension and H1-b is not approved yet, what should I do? What document should I submit to USCIS in place of H1-B approval?

3) I do not have Birth Certificate. I am from India. In place of Birth Certificate, shall I obtain affidavit from parents or relatives? Which is better to get 485/EAD/AP approval?

4) I have copies of my I-140 approval. As an employee, can I apply for I-485 myself instead of depending on my employer? Is there any risk if I do it on my own at a later stage in the GC process?

5) If I need to use AC21 rules to move to a different employer after 180 days of filing 485, where would I find same or similar job description or responsibilities. I noticed that my I-140 approval does not have anything that says about job responsibilities. So, when I move to different employer, how would I know whether or not new job is same or similar?

Thanks a lot for your advice!
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My self Ishan Gandhi.
My uncle file USA immigration petition in 2003 for her sister.We received welcome letter for USA immigration petition visa.
My question,my age complete 27 years , so that my name is not included for pay immigration fees.
can any possibility that how i can attached with this?
I am unmarried.

Please suggest me.

Thank you,
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