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Recording Available, October 06, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion in 'Free Conference Call For US Immigration Questions' started by DEEPAMENON, Sep 23, 2016.

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  1. monica1

    monica1 Administrator Staff Member

    I-485 can be filed on previous company approved I-140

    My I-140 is approved with company A and company B is planning to buy out my services from company A. Company A will give in writing that they will not revoke my I-140.

    If everything goes fine then I will join company B full time, they will transfer my H1-B and file my green card from start.

    Question 1: Before my new I-140 will approve and priority date become current, if it possible then I can file for 485 (next step ) with my old approved I-140 ?

    Question 2: Can you please suggestwhat all precaution my new attorney needs to take, so that i will able to retain my old priority date?

    with your extension experience, I am sure you can give me some tips so that I can make sure that new attorney will do, so I will not face any issue to retain my old priority date.
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