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Hello, my parents are currently in the US and want to apply for a re-entry permit since they want to go to India in November 2015 but can only come back to USA after 2 years. However, their green card expires in Jan 2017.

1. If they apply for the re-entry permit now, will they receive it given that their green card is expiring in Jan 2017?
2. Do they need to be in the US to renew their green card or can they renew it from India?

Thank you!
Dear sir...
I am edv winner for the fiscal year 2016 with case number 2016AS0000057#. KCC has notified notifications two times for the case numbers from 1-2399 and 2400-2449. But I have not received my second letter yet..I had applied my DS form for second letter in this case when can I get my second letter??? hopping to get positive response ....
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