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Hi Rajiv,

If we are changing project (end client) and if the new client location is within 50 miles do we have to file the H1 amendment and change in LCA both.

Thanks in Advance !


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Hi Rajiv,
I am in the US and have a GC. My husband is in India and I plan to apply for
a GC to him soon.
However, there may be a chance for him to get his L1 through his company.
Can he enter into the US with L1 visa while his I-130 is pending without any

Thank you very much for your help


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Hi Rajiv Ji
I have question regarding AC21. I started my GC Process with employer A under EB3, After I140 approval and 1 year of filing of I485, I joined employer B using A21. Then employer C filed my GC under EB2. After I140 approval and 200 days of interfiling , I decided to continue with current employer B and thought to send AC21 letter when RFE comes. But I got RFE only for medicals and they approved my green card. Will I face any difficulty during naturalization as I never worked for second GC sponsoring company C . Thank you


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FAQ: Employer's lawsuit against employee, liquidated damages

Hi Rajiv Sir,

I am with a Company A and they hold my H1-B. Now I got another better
opportunity with company B and planning to leaving Company A, They started my
H1 Transfer LCA is approved and I got H1B transfer(premium) receipt also. Now
Company A is threatening me that I have signed a 15 month agreement so I have
to stay till I finish the contract term or pay $2000 every month for all the
remaining contract months (9 Months).
do I need to worry about the Contract and is it legal? based on that can they
sue me? please advise.

Thank you in advance.
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