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Recording Available, March 24, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion in 'Free Conference Call For US Immigration Questions' started by DEEPAMENON, Mar 11, 2016.

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  1. USImmiInfo

    USImmiInfo New Member

    Dear Mr.Khanna,

    I am currently on H1B(Valid till Sep 2018) with approved I-140 for Company A and spouse has H4 EAD(valid till Sep 2018). My question is, if I switch my job to a company B,
    1. Can my spouse continue working with the current H4 EAD(which is valid till sep 2018)?Will it cause any issue during next H4/EAD extension?
    2. Or along with my H1B transfer is it mandatory to apply for my spouse H4 and H4EAD for company B?

    Please could you kindly advice. Thank you.
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