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Sai Karthik

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Good Afternoon Rajiv ji,

I worked with Company A with approved H1B from Jan 2015 to Dec 2015 and visa valid till SEPT 2017. But with sudden end of project, 31st Dec 2015 was the last date of employment and last date for pay stub generation & verbally informed would withdraw/revoke H1B & end of employment letter emailed. While I was in the project they filed amendment for change of location in Aug 2015. Later I got offer through Company B and filed H1B under premium processing on 7th March 2016 and received RFE on March 18 2016. (Didn't join & was waiting for approval with B). Company B haven't responded to RFE immediately. In the mean while, I got better offer from big Company C and this being more valuable I decided to go with this company. Company C filed H1B under Consular processing on 7th April 2016 & case was Approved on 13th April.As per the approval email info, it was approved for 3 years but I see I-94 not updated with new approval dates. Didn't received the hard copy yet from USCIS . In this case I understand, need to exit the country for I-94 to get updated but have few questions as follows:

- Do I need to go for VISA stamping even if I have previous company A visa stamp on passport till Sept 2017 & I-94 till Sept 2017.But my prev. Company A has verbally informed me that they have submitted for H1B withdrawal both the approved H1B & Amendment petition.Now when I check the status online in USCIS using receipt numbers, I see the message for
Amendment petition as " Withdrawal Ack. Notice was sent" on 6th April 2016 & for
Approved petition, I see the old message as " Case was approved on Aug 2014". In this scenario do I need to go for visa stamping

- Suppose if I go for stamping, in the form DS-160, what would be the answer for question : " Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa". If Yes, what is the supportive justification I can write in the comments box.

- Still the company B has not submitted RFE and I haven't informed them about the offer from Company C. Will these cause any issue in VISA stamping with Company C, if in case if i don't update company B or is it better to update B or which is the best way to tackle. Over all I want to be honest and at the same time shouldn't affect my VISA with Company C as it's golden opportunity.

Appreciate your support and thanks a lot for your time.


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Hi sir,
I gave check for my opt(I765) process. My bank not accepted the check and rejected due to no check acceptance option was enabled by me in the past. I received a notice from Burlington finance center of USCIS on march 15 and I done a payment on 18th March through credit card by following the instructions given on that notice.I received acknowledgement from Burlington finance center for the payment, on 22nd march. But USCIS, sent me a notice saying that still payment was not done on 31st march. I called to both USCIS and Burlington finance center of USCIS, many a times. USCIS saying to call Burlington finance, it's there issue .Burlington finance saying to call USCIS, it's there error. Could you, please help me, how to approach. Thank you.
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