Recording Available, April 06, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

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Hi Rajiv Sir,

In 2007, my parents applied for employment based I-485 when I was in 8th grade with H4 status, which was denied due to late receipt of I-140 RFE.
In 2008, again started GC process (labor, EB3 I140 (included me)).
In 2014, again started GC process in EB2. I was included in the I-140, but the paperwork reached USCIS three days after my 21st birthday. So, when dates were current and applying for I-485, the employer contact person did not apply for me.

A week ago, my parents received their GC. What are my options now?

1) Can my parents apply now for me since I was included in earlier file, though I'm 23 years old now?

2) Can they file an I-130 now?

3) any other options?

I’m currently on a F1 student visa and working on OPT EAD.

Thank you
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