Re entry after 1.5-2 months


My mother is on B2 visa and she will be completing 6 months soon. I am planning for her travel to back home before her 6 months are over and want to get her back to US after 1.5 - 2 months due to some family reason. This has some personal reasons. I don't want to take extension route due to uncertainty in process and outcome and so would be taking this path.

She has multiple entry visa and been here almost 1.5 year back and left in 5 months. so this will be her 1st such re entry in short span. she has spent around 90 days of this calendar year in US. I will be requesting stay for short duration only.

Can some one please help me with following?

Is this ok to do and will it have any impact on her future visits?
Would PoE officer won't allow her to enter on this visit itself and put any remarks on her visa or take any action on her current visa?


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It looks like your mother is using her tourist visa to live in the US, and not actually visiting as a tourist. The general idea is to spend more time outside the US than inside. The possibility of her being denied entry and her tourist visa being cancelled are high IMO.


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Agree with mom. It’s also quite possible that if the POE officer allows her in, he only allows her a 1- or 3-month maximum stay. As far as I know if she’s refused entry she’s almost certain to have her visa revoked as well, and that will make getting another one extremely difficult.

What will her truthful answer be if the officer asks her what she spent 6 months doing in the US (calendar year is irrelevant) and why she has to come back again so soon after spending so long here?