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Please, help! No card 2 months after interview

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Tonibonbon, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Tonibonbon

    Tonibonbon New Member

    Hello, everyone! My interview was on 28th of November in Miami, and it has been almost two months, but the status of my case is "interview is scheduled". There is no notice or anything. During the interview, everything was smooth. She asked us few questions, and in the end she said that I have to receive the card in two weeks, but no card for 3 months. Is it normal? What should I do! I was not anxious until today when I realized that it's already two months. I would be very thankful if somebody can provide me information. Thank you
  2. Bathory

    Bathory New Member

    You should review the USCIS website for processing times, as these can vary:


    You can submit an inquiry about your Form I-765 if your case has been pending more than 75 days.
    • Please note that for Form I-765 category (c)(8), based on a pending asylum application, the processing timeframes listed apply only to an initial filing.
    • Please note that the adjudication of Form I-765 category (c)(33) filed with Form I-821D, requesting deferred action for childhood arrivals, does not begin until we make a decision on your request for deferred action.
  3. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    This information is completely irrelevant - the OP isn't asking about an EAD card, they're asking about the GC approval following what they were given an impression was a successful interview.
  4. Bathory

    Bathory New Member

    I thought the timelines on the chart were relevant - maybe I shouldn't have given all of that.

    The only other information is from a blog by the USCIS:

    "There is no time limit on when USCIS must make a decision after an interview on an adjustment of status case. In fact, not all Form I-485 adjudications require an interview. This misconception may arise from the fact that USCIS has up to 120 days from the date of an applicant’s naturalization interview - not an interview for adjustment of status - to make a final decision on the applicant’s Form N-400. Even though there is no time limit to make a decision on an application for a Green Card, USCIS strives to adjudicate these cases within four months."
  5. shanarvi

    shanarvi New Member

    I had my interview on 11/7 in LA and everything went smoothly as well. The officer told us she might ask me for 1 more affidavit since I had submitted non-availability of birth certificate + one affidavit + school records. I have not heard back from them too. Hopefully we hear back soon!
  6. hannat.

    hannat. New Member

  7. speedyGonzales

    speedyGonzales Registered Users (C)

    Schedule infopass and take your lawyer with you

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