Planning to move to Australia


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Regarding English test

I basically from india presently in usa
I have 4 years of IT experience .
Do i stillneed to give that ELTS test


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consular processing

I would suggest you post this question under the \'Consular processing\' folder on the main page. I am sure you would get an answer in that discussion forum.


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help wants to migrate to australia !!

i am Electronics & communication Diploma holder having nearly 8 to 10 years of expereince in IT , as a System Engineer , at present i am working in Abu Dhabi (Gulf Country ) , i need some one to help me out by giving all the information.
Please mial me at :



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2 questions


My background:

MS in comp sci from US. 5 months post studies full time work ex.

I have 2 quick questions:

A. For Immigration to Australia as independent skilled worker I need 12 months work ex. Does it have to be all full time work ex? Can part time work-ex as a Research Assistant/Intern while pursuing MS counted towards this requirement?

B. What is the format of work experience letter required from the employer in order to get evaluated by ACS? How detailed/extensive should the work-ex certificate be?

Thanks in advance,


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work ex requirement !!!

Hi Jay...that\'s a good question and I would like to know the answer to that myself (about the part-time work ex)? Can anyone please advice ?

Thanks much !