Pending re-entry permit request

So we still haven't moved to the US - currently in Canada - although I got my green card about a year ago. We frequently travel to the US and the last time I was there, the border patrol person said that I must apply for a re-entry permit. I applied for the re-entry permit when I was in the US and then returned -- the plan is to go back for biometric appointment.

Now, it looks like I need to go to the US in few weeks and I am not sure if I am going to run in to any issues at the border since I don't have a re-entry permit nor do I have a biometric appointment lined up. Since I have applied and the money has been deducted from my account would they have it on the record that my request for a re-entry permit is pending?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions?



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Well, the problems you’re running into are because you are expected to principally reside in the US when you get a green card. How did you get it? When do you plan to permanently move to the US?

Not sure what to advise you on the re-entry permit because afaik technically you are supposed to apply and then wait for your bio appointment before you leave, but of course there have been people who have approached this the way you’ve done it and been fine. Note the point “If you leave the United States before you provide your biometrics, USCIS may deny your application.”
I guess at this point all you can do is hope that you get a nice CBP officer on entry who won’t give you too much hassle about it.


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There was something similar in your thread about a year or so ago. SInce you got the green card through your parents, why haven't you made the US your permanent home?

Expect these and perhaps additional questions the next border crossing attempt. You may be flagged in CBP's database.
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