pending asylum and pregnancy


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Hi All,

I came to the US as a student with F-1 visa and I applied for asylum.
My case is still pending and I am pregnant now :).
should I send a letter to the immigration.
can I get a get government health insurance or any benefit so I can see a doctor.

I applied by myself and my fiance is not a citizen or green card holder he is a refugee and he will receive his his green card in the next 4 months.
when he will receive green card, we will marry and apply for green card spouse, but it will take 2 years.

Please can you tell me what is my chances :confused:


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Can any one say something ?
I wish a easy pregnancy and healthy baby for you. I dont have enough information to help you. you can ask the medicare services of your state, and your Asylum office as well. Ask your question in this website too: , in this web site some lawyers answering and giving advice.


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I know that in New York City, pregnant women do receive benefits like Medicaid regardless of status. If I am not wrong, I think you can also get WIC. I think it will take more than 2 years for you to get your GC if your BF sponsors you.
My wife too on F2 is pregnant and we will be applying for asylum this week.

You can apply for CHIP and get a WIC card. You have to show documents that you're a low-income household. Irrespective of your status, they will send you an approval letter for CHIP and WIC card.

WIC will help u with limited groceries, including milk, eggs, fruits and veggies.

CHIP will cover up to 20 doctor visits, 2 free ultrasounds and prescription medicine.

We went to a Community Clinic which did everything for us. I'm told that individually applying for CHIP takes a lot of time for approval.

Feel free to ask any other questions.