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  • hi sir,,i need your help,
    my father is living in newyork selden,the immigration judge terry a bain granted relief on his asylum case as on 21st sept 2015 at 26 federal plaza newyork,,
    i just wanna know when he will get his i-94 card?? i mean how much time it will take??
    becoz attorny of my father says its very necessory for filing pittision form I-730..
    i will be thankfull to you sir :)
    Hi Mes,

    I was granted Asylum and after one year submitted I485. Paperwork was received on Jan 2011 by USCIS and their website states that it will take 4 months to be granted. One month ago I got notice that my file has been transfered to Missouri (Lee's Summit Office) and then a week later another notice letting me know it was transferred to a Field Office. Last week, I received a notice letting me know that my appointment was during the first week of July, and last night got on the mail another Notice of Action letting me know that the appointment for July was cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". Is it good news or bad news? SHould I expect any problem?
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