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Discussion in 'California Service Center I-140' started by talkative, Oct 30, 2004.


What do you want next from the scanner?

  1. Simplify/document the Scanner

    5 vote(s)
  2. Add more scanning features

    10 vote(s)
  3. Add more reporting features

    9 vote(s)
  4. Add more interop features (import/export/merge)

    2 vote(s)
  5. Add a GUI

    16 vote(s)
  6. Fix more bugs

    3 vote(s)
  7. Forget about BCIS and Java, go get a life..

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  1. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    josamdee -- that's a great idea! if you think it's okay, you can send me your code, i'll add it and update the original post with this feature.

  2. GC-EB1CSC

    GC-EB1CSC Registered Users (C)

    Hi talkative,
    Thanks for developing such nice scanner.

    I am trying to use that scanner for WAC-05-034-XX.
    But after running for around 200 cases, My IP gets locks and not able to use further.
    Anybody has database for WAC-05-034-XX...Kindly forward to
    Can I ask you the way to avoid this ?
  3. josamdee

    josamdee Registered Users (C)

    how safe is it to use this scanner because they can track the orginating IP any time even if proxies are used

    can you let me know ur email address so i can send you the modified files, i dont know how to post it here
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  4. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    > how safe is it to use this scanner

    I have not seen anything in plain english that says something on this topic. But there is tons of super complex legalese which I just plain can't understand, so who knows what's in it.

    Anyway, I wrote this to scan my own 7 cases every half hour from my crontab file. This is the use I intended for this software. I think that use should be okay.

    Anything beyond it, it's your discretionary call.

  5. gcpak

    gcpak Registered Users (C)

    anybody has datafile for WAC050885xxxx-i140


    I tried but couldn't make it work.Does anybody have the datafile for the series WAC050885xxxx. I filed my i140 in early feb.

    my email is

    Thanks in advance
  6. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)

    Hi whereismycase,

    Did you ever figure out how to run the scanner? I am getting exactly the same error message. Would appreciate some help from whoever might have had this problem before.


  7. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    GCard_Dream - looking at the error message, it looks like the scanner is unable to make an outgoing HTTP request. Open IE, go to Tools->Options and check in the "Connection" tab to see your configuration.

    If there's a proxy listed, (typically in the "LAN configuration" section), then there will be a hostname (or IP) and a port. Say it is port 8888.

    Create a text file, say "mylist" with this like:

    Then pass it to the scanner using the option "--proxies mylist".

    Remember, USCIS does not allow more than 200 queries per IP address per day.
  8. GCard_Dream

    GCard_Dream Registered Users (C)


    I tried it from my home PC and it worked fine. It certainly is a great tool and I very much appreciate your great effort on this. By the way, have you already gotten your GC or is it still in process?
  9. gc_crack

    gc_crack Registered Users (C)

    thnx talkative for your invaluble tool. My 140 got approved yesterday.
  10. abu2003

    abu2003 Registered Users (C)

    Congrats on your I-140 approval. What is your Receipt/Notice date for I-140. Is it EB2 or EB3? Please share

  11. gc_crack

    gc_crack Registered Users (C)

    RD 09/23/05,ND 09/26/05,AD 02/27/06
    PD 2002 March - EB3
  12. gc_crack

    gc_crack Registered Users (C)


    i did modify something on line 62 of so that if the case is already approved it will not be checked again in "refresh" mode, thus saving valuable proxies. Here is the replacement line.

    if (oldReport == null || oldReport.getStatus().getStatus().startsWith("This case has been approved"))
  13. nannagc

    nannagc Registered Users (C)

    Thanx for the great script!


    thanx for your great tool. it works great. just wanted to appreciate your effort.


    thanx for sharing the info in the sep thread. i will be using this tool often. are there any tips on how to build the db for few weeks in length, as i was planning to trach nov 2005 cases.

    thanx again for your great inputs and efforts
  14. gc_crack

    gc_crack Registered Users (C)

  15. newbies

    newbies Registered Users (C)

  16. gh0001

    gh0001 Registered Users (C)

    how to create proxy list file

    can someone let me know how to comile a list of proxies? I tried

    java -jar tscanner.jar -suck

    but I got error message:

    **** Fatal error ****
    -database <filename> must be specified. Try --help

  17. piciazz

    piciazz New Member

    updates needed...

    can we update this awesome tool?

    1) we need it to parse the new URL for the case status

    2) it'd be very useful to have an option to ignore SSL certificate errors from the proxy servers (nowadays most proxies use https, but don't have good certs from trusted signers)

    thank you!

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