need help for BAMS medical graduate

Hi rini,
Welcome to this group. There is a evaluation center in New york called Global language service they do translation and evaluation. I did there and my friend as well she joined in MHA. But you need to go inperson as they need your original.
If you plan to summit EP they accept cop of translated degree sealed. To get translation you need to see translation service in India. I did my translation in India.
Every state has different rules , so first better explore what the options some states doesn't take our degree. In details if you need i can help you.
Some colleges need just high school degree so you can get that in WES and can apply for courses as well.
Hi Sathya,
Thank you so much for your prompt response.I am based in Maryland and University of Maryland is ready to accept my BAMS degree as bachelors if it is evaluated positively for considering me for masters in nursing.I am already pursuing my pre-course credits from a community college.
As of now,I am only stuck at credit evaluation.I am planning to get it done by ECE ,as suggested in this forum.However I do not have a translation of my transcripts.Can you please suggested some translating agencies in India .I am also alright to travel to New York ,if required and would highly appreciate your inputs on the same.Please share if you have any details about Maryland.Once again ,thank you very much for your help.These small inputs are very instrumental in carving future for BAMS degree holders like us.
Hi rini,
So if you to join community college, i think you need to get only associates degree in nursing because even im starting my pre req for nursing. If you are comfortable you ca share your email id. Pre req required mostly 12 th evaluation. Then need to take 14-16 credit points. Mostly community colleges will not accept outside country course evaluation. The best way is to go directly need the educational councilor.acc to my knowledge pre req followed by Hesi A2 exam followed by pursuing ADN is the in the only option. I did my evaluation wasting lot of money . Which ll not add any credit if your aim is nursing.
In community college also there are credit and non credit courses you need to see and join
Hi rini,
I went through your university website, i think you need to take CLEP, TEAS exam for joining. They accept only NACES reg evaluation center. So EP is a easy option for you which is in chicago who will evaluation our degree. To convert our subject into English one option you can call college and req for the same most of them does or better to check online who does translation in pune which ll be easy to do. Of all this i personally feel get appoint from nursing advisor first and see you are elegible.
Hello everyone.
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Hi all,

I am a bams graduate with 3 years experience as AYURVEDIC consultant, and also I have done my certificate course in community health (6 month course), post which I was appointed as COMMUNITY HEALTH OFFICER/ MID LEVEL HEALTH PROVIDER , under national health mission,...with these qualifications what should be the best course mostly clinical for me to opt in USA.....I was keen and interested into the pa(physician assistant program), but I doubt whether or not the universities there will consider my qualifications appropriate for the pa program.....I will be very obliged if I could get genuine guidance from this platform...thank you all
Hi All,
I'm in the final year of BAMS, I want to pursue higher education in USA. Please advise if there are any others areas of study which I can explore other than MBA or nursing