Name Check Cleared!!! Finally

inquiry through senator or congress man - any difference?

does it make any difference whether the inquiry is made through a congress man or through a senator?

I will appreciate a response
Sadly.... but don't lose hope

Sadly in my case either of the two haven't helped.

But please go ahead and ask them to inquire. Don't choose between a congressman or senator. Send letters to both. That is what I did (3 senators and my congressman).

In my case the congressman has been more persistent, sending an inquiry every month (common inquiry for all constitutients in the area). So far waiting for over a year for name check.

Also inquire through your lawyers.
Waited name check for 2 years

Hellow, onwaitfor485

Congratulations on your name check clearance. What is real scarry about name check is that you don't know how long you have to wait.

I had I-485 filed in Feb. 2004 and FP in April, 2004. I am still waiting for name check.

Looks like I do need to try congressman and senators. Can you please forward your congressman and senator names to me? Can I contact any congressman and senator in CA, or I have to try local congressman?

Hi onwaitfor485,

Thanks for your responses. I filed my FOIPA request on Nov 28th and so far havenot heard back from FBI. Can you please tell how long it takes to get the response from FBI?
Thanks in Advance

onwaitfor485 said:

I am not sure whether FOIPA has any impact on the Namecheck clearance. But atleast it gives you a strong base to present your case to the Senators and the Congressman. Basically it is a certificate from the same department in FBI where we are trying to get the status of our Namecheck stating that our records are clear, so the Senators and Congressman will be convinced by that they are representing somebody who is really NOT bad. Anyway this is my opinion. It doesn't take much time or effor to get the FOIPA, so why not try it? thats my stand.

To get FOIPA write a letter to FBI, below is the format that I used,


The Chief,
Record/Information Dissemination Section
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535

Dear Sir/Madam,
Under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. section 552 and the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C.section 552a, please furnish me with copies of all records about me indexed to my name or my identifying information, maintained in the Central Records System (CRS).

To help identify information about me in your records systems and/or programs, I am providing the following identifying information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Social Security Number:
Current Address:
Home Phone Number:

If you have any questions about handling this request, you may phone me at
Please respond to: NAME, ADDRESS.



Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746, I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct and that I am requesting release of my records to myself.
Executed on DATE.