N-400 Denial


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My husband and I have been married since 2012, and on our 3rd year he submitted his application for naturalization. About 10 years ago he was asked to sign some petitions at our local loews, they asked if he was a citizen and he said no but they managed to fill out an voters registration form for him and he signed it without paying attention. Years passed without him knowing he was registered. Until last years June election, he received his ballot and voted under the assumption that residents would be able to vote. I know it was a stupid mistake, and we’re paying for it now.

The denial letter states he has failed to show good moral character since he engaged in unlawful voting. It also states he has been convicted and they can possibly take his green card away and may even face deportation.

What can we do now?


I'd get a lawyer. (not just any immigration lawyer, specifically, I'd make sure the lawyer has demonstrated experience with someone in the same situation as your husband, i.e. voted in an election and how the lawyer handled it and what was the outcome.) This may take a lot of phoning around to find one with this experience. Search this forum and message people that were in the same situation.

Voting as a non citizen is a serious offence.