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  • I saw a post about your naturalization interview and the job change question which came up. In my case, I have changed 2.5 years after approval of GC to a different role but in a similar industry. I request your feedback about my situation and the impact on naturalization.
    I wondering to ask that if it can cause denial of my immigrant visa to “go to the United States and be admitted as a permanent resident”? it would be appreciated if any one can help me about this issue.
    hmmm I don't know about this sort of thing, i would pose the question in the forum if you haven't done so already, maybe someone there has more experience with that, try searching as well
    As a result, I was not convicted or sentenced to any punishment, and my lawyer said that no conviction will be recorded on my criminal record. However, I know there will be some record on CPIC. And I know that charge withdrawal in Canada is not acceptable in U.S.
    Because of a shoplifting under 5000 $ (334(b)) last year, I attended in the court. The charge was withdrawn, because it was a summary one and my first time. So, I just attended in Direct Accountability Program which was a three-hours session.
    I am a scientific researcher at Canada. I am eligible to get I-140. But after getting that, as I am outside of U.S. I should apply for an immigrant visa in order to come to the united states and be admitted as a permanent resident instead of I-485.
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