N-400 and Processing time in Seattle, WA for people with misdemeanor charges


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Thank you for the clarification "BigJoe". and with that being said. seems like I am in the green zone with USCIS.

Now, what kind of documentations do I have with me, if any, to make sure the interview process goes through smoothly???

Do I have to prove I am a person of Good moral character? besides taking income returns with me ...?

Thank you

I am finally a US citizen ... Proud to be one now ...


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Got arrested poss of marijuana on October 2015, WAs sentenced for it March 2017. I want to apply citizenship this October 2020. Will this be a 5 year statutory period.


when you use the "search" function, I would recommend replying to posts in this last decade. Better yet, maybe the last couple of years. Look at the date!