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Misspelled father's name..

I used Misc. services to correct misspelled father's name. OCI Website status says documents received on Nov 9 at Washington D.C office. So far I have not received my corrected OCI card yet. Please let me know if anybody in the same boat.. thanks
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Misc service, application acknowledged
Consulate/Embassy :- Washington DC
OCI Misc docs mailed: 11/15/2010
Docs recieved by embassy :11/16/2010
OCI Acknowledged: 11/30/2010
Registration Status: Under Process
OCI Scanned:
OCI Granted:
OCI Printed:
OCI Shipped:


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I am applying for OCI for my US born minor son at San Francisco consulate.
Me and my wife are Naturalized US Citizens and already hold OCI.
The application instructions are confusing enough and hence turning to this forum.
Can someone check whether the following list of documets/order is indeed correct?

2 sets of items 3-12 from below (except the US passport):

1) Checklist
2) No surrender certificate/Renunciation/etc., since applicant is US born
3) Part A application form (with 1 color photo and Signature of the applicant)
4) Part B application form (with applicant's signature)
5) Original US Passport

6) Color-copy of Applicant's Birth Certificate (no need to self attest)

7) Color-copy of Applicant's Birth Certificate (no need to self attest)

8) Option B
  • Color-copy of Applicant's Birth Certificate (attested by both parents)
  • Copy of Front/Back US passport pages for both the parents (no need to self attest)
    (Front 2 pages and Back 2 pages copied on same sheet)
  • Color-copy of the OCI Visa page from both parents's US passports
9) Copy of PG&E bill (with Applicant's address, but obviously is in my name!)

10) Copy of first and last pages of Applicant's US passport (self-attested)

11) Repeat all the document under 8 above (self attest all)

  • Color-copy of Applicant's Birth Certificate (attested by both parents)
  • Copy of Front/Back US passport pages for both the parents
  • Color-copy of the OCI Visa page from both parents's US passports
12) Photos are already pasted on Part A
13) Cashier's cheq for $275
14) Self addressed trackable USPS envelope

The following things are indeed confusing:
- Do they really need so many copies of Applicant's birth certificates?
- Is is safe to just self-attest all of the documents which are copies?
- Parent's OCI card: Is it the OCI visa or the copy of OCI booklet
(there is no such thing as OCI card)?
- Instructions keep saying 2 copies for everything.
Does each set have to have 2 copies of the documents??
- Surrender certificate does not apply to US born Applicant
(Instructions have no mention about this!)

I would really appreciate your reply.
Thanks in advance...


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Misc service(updating OCI on new US PP), application acknowledged
Consulate/Embassy :- Washington DC
OCI Misc docs mailed: 11/15/2010
Docs recieved by embassy :11/16/2010
Registration Status: Granted
OCI Acknowledged: 11/30/2010
OCI Scanned: 12/13/2010
OCI Granted: 12/24/2010
OCI Printed: 12/24/2010
OCI Shipped: DISPATCHED 12/27/2010
Recieved at DC: ???
PP Sent for Stamping: ??
PP recieved:??
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I have to go to India by end of June. My oath is only on 5/11. I am asuming it will take a week for the passport in expedited. I live in Indy so won't go to Chicago to get the passport in a day. Should I apply for SC + OCI or just for SC + Visa to make my end of June trip.

If I apply for SC + OCI, in case of delay, will I be then able to apply for my Visa for India trip or will that effect the OCI.

Much appreciate any help from the forum. Thanks.

PS: Tried calling Travisa but after 35 min on hold the call went dead. Really bad service.


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Monir's citizenship documents requirement

OCI requirement states:

7.Copy of Naturalization Certificate:
... If a minor gained naturalization through his/her parents and possesses no separate naturalization certificate, then copies of the parents' naturalization certificates and a notarized written statement signed by both parents is required stating the circumstances that their child received his/her naturalization status and why the child does not possess his/her own certificate.

Does anyone have write-up of the statement we need to make?
Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Family application: Confusion in the signature section for common part B

if PART-B is the same for all, how can we fit in both of our kids' names in "I am a parent/guardian of ..... to whom the foregoing" section.

This PART-B doesn't make sense. I cannot believe I can't fill these items out.

I saw this question asked earlier, but it did not seem answered.

Line 23: Both my wife and I sign. But in the part below that (Application for minors), do we have to sign again for our 2 minors?

If yes, do we simply squeeze in the names of the 2 minors onto that tiny space provided?



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Hi Experts,

From the following link, http://www.immihelp.com/nri/pio-vs-oci.html, as I was browsing to know the differences between PIO and OCI, the following difference really surprised me and I couldn't really find the advantage in having OCI card. Other than having one drawback with PIO card that one must register with local police if the stay goes > 180 days.

My understanding has always been is that "OCI" is a lifetime Visa for India but after reading this, I don’t believe that it's true. Can someone please clarify?

This is in particualr to "New foreign passport" -
PIO Card --> Travel either with both passports or get new passport number endorsed in PIO card.
OCI Card --> Anyone younger than 21 years or older than 50 years need to apply for new OCI card and visa. This is disadvantage of OCI compared to PIO.



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My OCI page says "Under Process" and my case has 08/23/2012 for acknowledgement date. I don't see a photo scanned date in the OCI tracking website (nor in travisa status check website). Where do I see the photo scanned status? Why I dont see any photo scanned date in my application. Is this an problem?

Also, it has been 3 weeks since acknowledgement and no movement. Should I be worried and start following up? If yes, how do I follow up?

Could someone please advice.


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Hi everyone
In my case, the Indian government OCI status inquiry site says the documents are shipped from Delhi but not yet received in Chicago. But I got an email notification from Travisa asking me to send my passport. Has this happened to anyone else? If yes, how did the rest of the OCI process go? Was there any kind of delays in getting the OCI card and sticker in the passport?



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I wish to know whether we can apply for renunciation certificate and oci card together? If yes, whether we need to pay the processing fee of $12 for travisa only once or $12 each for each step. Also if we are writing a check, whether we need to write separate checks for travisa processing and the consular processing or single check with total amount?


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error on OCI card

The OCI card that has been issued to me has an error on it. It says that my citizenship is Indian rather than British. The immigration officials in India have advised me to get it corrected, without which I will not be allowed entry to India. Would any of you please advise me on the process for correction? I need to travel again to India next month! Thanks.


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Few Questions in OCI application

I am in process of applying OCI. I am stuck with few questions.

1) Have you /any member of your family applied for OCI registration earlier. (Part-B). My spouse is OCI holder but I can not get details. What should I do?

2) Names and full particulars of my minor children, if any, who are/were Citizens of India.(Renunciation Certificate). Just want to make sure, kids born in US, holding OCI do not come in this category.

3) Details of family members staying in India---only parents, brothers and sisters or their spouses too?

Thanks for help.