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Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by MrCoolz, Dec 1, 2003.

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    Hi ALL

    Hi ALL,

    We have been seeing random approvals and so many members have sent the RFE responses and still waiting. Is there any way to contact the NSC center to find out the status. I have been waiting since 04-FEB-05 after sending my I-485 RFE response, my rd is 29-APR-03.

    Please respond with your suggestions.

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    My case - please add

    Here is my information.
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    kindly pls add me to group

    Pls add me to this group
    I am new to this process and appreciate your help in guidance

    Email at whizraj@gmail.com

    EB2 April 06 approved
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    I-485 Approval

    Got an email from USCIS that my I-485 case has been approved. This surprised everyone including my lawyer. MI / Nebraska folks --- Looks like approvals will be flooding soon.

    Note -- My case is in EB2. Look at my signature for further details. :D
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    Congratulations to you!!! :D
    You just raised my hopes! My all dates are close to yours and I hope to end this 'sick' GC journey soon. :rolleyes: Did you have any trouble about Namecheck or it did not come into picture for you at all?

    Good luck and enjoy your peace of mind!


    State - MI
    Category - EB2
    PD : Jan 2003
    Labor Certified – 09/15/2005
    I-140/I-485/EAD/AP Applied – 09/29/2005
    EAD Approval - 11/07/2005
    AP approval - 11/16/2005
    I -140 APPROVED – 11/01/2005
    Biometrics Done – 02/11/2006
    I-485 LUD – 02/14/2006 - no change
    I-485 APPROVAL – Waiting!!!

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    mera number kab aayega?
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    Thanks Leo !!
    As far as I know..... no troubles with Namecheck in my case. Hope to see your approval soon.


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