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Hello MI485 Group,

The first meeting of the MI485 Group was successful. There were 3 members who showed up - Edison, abcd140 and myself. It was very useful and encouraging to share quite a bit of information amongst us.

I understand that since the meeting notice was sent only by Friday, and also due to Thanksgiving weekend, many of you couldnt make it, but still its good that we all made a start.

We have about 13 members as of now and we need more members to be part of this initiative, which I am sure can be really successful.

The points discussed during the meeting were,

1. Send the customer feedback to the NSC Director as a group.

2. Each member to get the Liasion details and Event Calender of their particular District Congressman's TownHall meeting which can be represented by the group.

3. Provide details to each of the members of how to go about their getting Congressman's website, Additional zipcode, etc.

4. Motivate more members to be part of this initiative so as to cover all the districts in the Michigan.

5. Meet every weekend.

Many of the current 13 member list are yet to register yourself in the yahoogroups, which will be our alternate message board to post meeting details etc. So please send me your contact details either as PM or by accessing by mail from this site, so that I can include you in the Yahoogroups.

We are confident that we certainly will make a difference by making this initiative successful. And we are looking forward to more members showing up for meeting in the following weeks.



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MrCoolz and Other Members,
Thanks for your effort. It is really a great news. We have started the work and I am sure more people will be joining soon. I have posted this news in NSC I-140 section for support.

Just for our information, I am posting the members name again in this thread.
1. Edison
2. MrCoolz
3. Gc949
4. Sivam
5. Aghajan
6. Detroit485
7. Rogertt2003
8. kilaru
9. Gvaknin



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MSG from 140_takes_4ever

dSatish from the VSC and NJ state group, is planning a group meeting this Saturday, and since the core team is planning to finally hook up on a tele-conference on the same day, the NJ group plans to get on the conference call using one line. It might be worthwhile for the MI state group to get on the same conference call. I know it is at short notice and nothing is finalized as yet but it would be worth it if it pans out.

Here is the link:


BTW have you done your bit to end the backlog? If not please consider joining one of the projects listed on the forum!

Become the catalyst of change! Help fight for your approval! (click)

What are you waiting for? Have you sent your fax yet?


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Congratulations on a job well started! :)

It is really nice to hear that you guys are going such great guns. Don't fret about the small size of your group or the lack of apparent progress, you are making a difference! And someday this will show results.

I will be deleting this post within 24 hours. Since this is such an important thread it is essential that it be kept clean of clutter and only relevant information like minutes of your meeting be posted here. Keeping that in mind I would request all non essential posters to delete their messages as well, failing which the moderator should step in and help keep this thread clean.

Once again good luck and good wishes to all MI485 group participants.


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We had our 2nd Meeting for MI485 State Forum on 12/07/03. Action Plan remains same as of first one.

We have about 4 new members to our group now.

Please find out the TownHall meetings of your respective Congressmen and lets represent the BackLog together.


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I was posting this on the Action/Complaint thread too: anyone would like to participate a (legal) demonstration/parade in some big cities? preferably organized in several cities simultaneously. So we can yell in front of INS building, raise media attention etc.


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I didn't see much response from people about demonstration. I guess most are even afraid of signing the new pettion with their real name, don't mention demonstration. Maybe the pain is not enough...


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I am sorry I was not an active participant of this forum although am signed up. We had our baby, and that, in addition to having another boy at home.....oh boy...:)
Can you please update me about the demonstation initiative?



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peterwang60 said:
RD Dec 20, 02
ND Dec 20, 02
FP Feb 01, 03

Case: EB2

Waiting approval.


I am new to this forum. My I-140 is just approved and I am in long line of I-485.

Will anybody of you please take efforts to explain purpose of this particular thread. I am from Michigan, any relevance to MI?

Also any idea whats the current processing trend at NSC? My RD for I-485 is March 2004, I know I am at the end of the line but request for the info.