Medical Visa or regular Tourist Visa???

Loy Perera

New Member
I am sponsoring my sister (Indian citizen, Delhi consulate) - she is 50, I am a US citizen, and she is a divorcee. She has a history of mental problems but is now stable. However I am not sure that even with proper coaching if she would be able to face the interview alone, and appear completely normal. My parents have a visa, and have traveled here before.

How should I approach her case - should we go the regular tourist visa route and hope she clears the interview? Is there a way to request one parent accompany her?

Or should we go the medical visa route - we can always use second opinion by doctors here. But I am not sure if that would be a good strategy given immigration law excludes people with mental issues.

Please advise which route will maximize her chances. I am in a good financial situation so showing financial support will not be an issue. Thanks!