Marrying US citizen in Ontario

I am a US Citizen. My fiance lives in Ontario and has just gotten Dual (US & Canadian) citizenship. We would like to get married in Ontario and then have her come to live with me in Maryland. In essence we will be two US citizens getting married in Ontario.
Can anyone tell me what is needed for bringing her across the border? Do we need to tell them that we just got married? Is there any paperwork needed to be done?


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<<Can anyone tell me what is needed for bringing her across the border?>.
Hey, America is her home, she does not need anything other than her passport or passport card.

<<Do we need to tell them that we just got married?>>

Nope, unless you are asked. A few times while driving back from Canada, (I don't know if the fact that she is of a different race and still goes by her maiden name had anything to do with it) the agent has asked if she is my wife, but mostly they ask about foods we are bringing or any shopping we did or what we do for a living.

<<Is there any paperwork needed to be done?>>

Nope. Just file your taxes as a married couple and the IRS will know. Marriages overseas are recognized in America but if you insist on getting a US marriage license, do some research in your state to get one.


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You don't have to worry about immigration, but if either of you has been married before, getting married in Ontario can be a pain. You will need a lawyer to review your prior divorces and write a letter saying "Yes, this in fact a divorce decree." They do this to avoid recognizing quickie foreign divorces.

When my fiance and I were planning to get married (she is a Canadian citizen, me US) we found it much easier to get married in the USA.


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They're both American. One is also Canadian.
Thats what I thought, so am wondering why the question. All you guys would need is your US passports (or passport cards). And why do you need to tell them you got married unless they ask? You are both American and free to do as you wish